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What to expect from a Rep. Nieuwenhuis

We've got serious issues to deal with in District 25.

Our farmers are facing erratic weather patterns,

horrendous ethanol policy, and destructive trade deals. 

Our education budget is a pathetic mess, and our spending priorities in Pierre are flat wrong. Not to mention the constant attacks on each of our civil liberties and constitutional rights

My ideas and values for District 25 are based in the belief that all humans have intrinsic value, no matter their sexual orientation or identity. Families in District 25 aught to feel secure and I'm going to make sure they do. 

My main set of issues involve protecting family farms by dramatically expanding South Dakota's ethanol production with my "Ethanol for All" policy. I also intent to protect our dairy farmers with my "Dairy Restoration Act". Separate from the farm income catastrophe, I will put forward legislation to supply the rural community with a Municipal Internet Service provider and finally link ALL of our people to world wide web.

Our campaign is also dead set on fighting corruption in Pierre. In 2016 we saw Initiated Measure 22 pass with the voters of South Dakota only to watch the Republican Majority repeal our vote. If elected I would introduce legislation to implement 

IM 22 and expand its reach to municipal and city government officials. And finally our access to high speed internet is restricted by what private enterprise thinks is profitable. If elected I would provide high speed internet to our rural communities by establishing municipal Internet Service Providers all throughout our state. Our family farms and the kids growing up on them deserve the same access and benefits that come from high speed internet service. If private enterprise won't fill the void, then our government will step up and make it happen. If elected you can count on me to fight for our kids, our rights, and economic growth for all. 


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