Hi, I'm your neighbor Jared!


I grew up in a small town very similar to Dell Rapids roughly thirty miles North East of Dells. Maybe you've heard of Pipestone, MN? Anyways I have always lived in South Dakota on a farm near Flandreau until I got married and moved to my new community Dell Rapids. 

Why did I decide to run?

This wasn't an easy decision to make as I have never ran for public  office. I mean sure I was in Student Senate at South Dakota State University but that's basically like student council. No I decided to run because of the disgraceful leadership coming out of DIstrict 25. 

We need a candidate who believes in bringing people together as opposed to separating us on the basis of our gender, sexual orientation, race, and religion.

While our current Republican Representatives focus on who can use which bathroom; 

I am focused on dramatically expanding ethanol production and domestic demand for South Dakota corn growers.

And while our current Republican Representatives are obsessing over Transgender children;

I am obsessing over farmers going bankrupt.

There is a clear disparity between what needs to happen in Pierre and what's currently happening in Pierre. I am running to flip this district and get back to the priorities that actually matter to the people of

Dell Rapids, Garretson, Valley Springs and everyone in between


We Have Had Enough!

I'm running to do my part in ending the corruption in Pierre and bring structural change to our rural community. Back in 2016 YOU passed Initiated Measure 22 which severely capped the ability of our legislators to take BRIBES from wealthy campaign contributors. John Hansen, Tom Pischke, and the Republican Majority repealed OUR VOTE. That's my number one reason for running.

We have to end Big Corruption in our politics and vote out those who oppose transparency in South Dakota. 

Bringing state investments to our rural communities is my second major priority.

Job training, Green Energy, High Speed Internet, Rural Health Care, and greatly increasing funding for universal pre-k, k-12, and state colleges will help our district and South Dakota as a whole. It's high time we enact an agenda centered on helping South Dakota move into a new phase of growth and success for everyone.

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