Criminal Justice Reform

Marijuana Legalization 

In the coming 2020 general election there will be a ballot measure and a constitutional amendment for marijuana legalization. If these measures pass we will need level heads in office ensuring the policies around this new industry are focused on small business. We can not allow large established corporations move into South Dakota and take away market share from our own people. Second I will work to ensure that every single non violent drug conviction gets overturned and their records expunged. 

Diversion programs over jail time

Many of the people dealing with addiction often become repeat offenders due to the lack of understanding around addiction. Rather than waste money  by throwing people in jail, why don't we get to the root of the problem? In the instance of opioids we see a clear connection to prescribed medication and heroin use. Seeing what other states have implemented is key to our success in fighting addiction here at home. 

Ending mass incarceration 


We as a state can not continue to waste our tax dollars on unnecessary penalties and convictions for non violent inmates. It's high time we look at more cost effectives ways of dealing with non violent convictions. Especially when you compare this waste in tax dollars to what we could be spending in education and prevention. Not to mention these policies often get disproportionally directed towards black and brown communities of color. 

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