Dairy Restoration Act

What is the Dairy Restoration Act?


In total the DRA represents several bills aimed at drastically increasing the demand & production of dairy products

 in South Dakota. 



Step 1: Sales Tax

The Dairy Restoration act is an all out attack on farm bankruptcies and that means going at the problem from every angle. The first phase of the DRA will be to eliminate the sales tax on all dairy and dairy related products. This will help to move more dairy products off the shelves and help working families afford healthy nutrition. 

Step 2:  Fees

Republicans in Pierre have made a killing on fees and increasing pressure on dairy farms. They are so against raising taxes they would rather put the burden on farmers than have to admit the truth. So what I propose for the second phase of the DRA is reducing or eliminating vehicle registration, licensing, corporate filing, and milk processing plant fees for dairy farmers in South Dakota.

Step 3: Schools

Phase three of the DRA is linked to school nutrition. As it stands there is an obesity epidemic as a result of sugar and sugar related products. The DRA will ban schools from supplying students with those products and instead replace them with subsidized dairy products from SD farmers. This plan will help drive demand for dairy products in the state and supply students with the right nutrition for a healthy and sustainable diet.

Lactose intolerant students will have nutritious options as well! 

Step 4: Property Tax

Phase four of the DRA will provide relief for dairy farmers as it relates to their property taxes. The Democrats will ensure our dairy farmers are well taken care of in these times of hardship. Exempting dairies from this tax will help them to remain profitable and rebound from the COVID-19 economic crash.

Step 5:

Production and Processing

The final phase of the DRA will focus on streamlining the process for dairy construction and dairy processing. The legislation will aim to cut back on the restrictions inhibiting dairy expansion in the state, as well as establishing an office within the state legislature that will advocate for new ways to help dairy farmers in our state.

"Our farmers need our help now more than ever. I have seen the hardship facing our Ag. community and I know we can get through it with the right policies. If you send me to Pierre I will work non stop to ensure you get a louder voice than the lobbyists who currently dominate the legislature."
- Jared

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