Ending Bribes and Fighting Corruption

This topic is the elephant in the room both literally and figuratively. Back in 2016 the voters of South Dakota made their decision about corruption in our state when we all voted and passed Initiated Measure 22.


Initiated Measure 22:

"This measure extensively revises State campaign finance laws. It requires additional disclosures and increased reporting. It lowers contribution amounts to political action committees; political parties; and candidates for statewide, legislative, or county office. It also imposes limits on contributions from candidate campaign committees, political action committees, and political parties.

The measure creates a publicly funded campaign finance program for statewide and legislative candidates who choose to participate and agree to limits on campaign contributions and expenditures. Under the program, two $50 'credits' are issued to each registered voter, who assigns them to participating candidates. The credits are redeemed from the program, which is funded by an annual State general-fund appropriation of $9 per registered voter. The program fund may not exceed $12 million at any time.

The measure creates an appointed ethics commission to administer the credit program and to enforce campaign finance and lobbying laws.

The measure prohibits certain State officials and high-level employees from lobbying until two years after leaving State government. It also places limitations on lobbyists' gifts to certain state officials and staff members."

This measure was repealed by the Republican Majority in Pierre, and what a disgraceful vote that was. How are we suppose to interpret their repeal of IM22 as anything other than an endorsement of corruption? If elected I would work to implement Initiated Measure 22 and expand its authority to include city governments and other local elected positions. There is no room in South Dakota for bribes and corruption.

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