Ethanol For All

South Dakota's

Green New Deal

What is Ethanol For All?

Republicans DO NOT have a plan to fix their disastrous trade war. 

Democrats Do.

In total the EFA represents several bills aimed at drastically increasing the demand & production of Ethanol in South Dakota. 



EFA Legislation

Part 1: Drastically Grow Demand

1.) Reduce / Eliminate State Sales Tax on E85 vehicles

2.) Reduce Fuel Excise Tax on E85 blends by the amount of ethanol contained in the fuel.

E15 would receive a -15% reduction 

E40 would receive a -40% reduction

E85 would receive a -85% reduction

3.) Reduce Property Tax for all gas stations with E85 pumps

EFA Legislation

Part 2: Reinvest in SD Farmers

1.) Invest Ag. Excise Tax in subsidies for E85 vehicles and lowering fees for farmers. 

2.) Create a new tax on all oil moving through the newly constructed oil and gas pipelines in South Dakota. 

3.) Reduce / Eliminate Red Tape and Zoning Restrictions for new and existing ethanol production plants.

EFA Legislation

Part 3: Tax Relief for SD Farmers

1.) Eliminate Registration Fees on ALL Farm Vehicles

2.) Allow Farm Trucks to utilize dyed fuel

3.) Reduce state sales tax on ALL major farm inputs like Seed, Chemical, and fertilizers 

4.) Increase taxes on all permits for out of state farm trucks preventing the flow of grain into South Dakota.

- Exempting grain/feeds/forages going to livestock facilities. 

"I will push to establish an office in the capitol building for Corn Growers and Ethanol Producers. If Agriculture makes our economy possible, our farmers should receive the best our state can offer."

- Jared J. Nieuwenhuis

Jared J. Nieuwenhuis

- FOR State House -

- District 25 -

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