How much have we lost?

Over the past 10 years South Dakota has been involved in an increasing number of plainly unconstitutional laws. The cost of which never gets talked about. We always ask what a new program costs but what about the legal bills we incur as a result of our current legislators? 

The truth is we have no idea how much money and time they've wasted on these unconstitutional laws. Likely because they want to keep that a secret. 

District 25 needs to elect a representative that will not waste valuable time and tax dollars on frivolous bills and law suits doomed to fail.



Here are a few examples of wasted tax dollars: 

House Bill 1094 

This bill proposed and passed by the Republican controlled House and Senate was designed to attack on our ability to add measures and amendments to the ballot. Their goal? Make it harder for petition circulators to get signatures. Interesting how these bills came flooding in after we tried to hold them accountable with Initiated Measure 22.

Republican legislators attack vulnerable kids

In recent years the State Republican Party has been on the war path to discriminate and diminish the children of South Dakota. This has had a chilling affect on the ability for our state to retain valuable business and talented individuals. Not to mention the affect it has on the mental health and safety of our most vulnerable children. 


In their latest hit piece on civil liberties the Republican Majority in Pierre has taken aim at transgendered children in our state. 


These laws will be challenged and it will cost us tax payers money to defend them in court. 

GOP versus SD voters

As crazy and corrupt as it sounds, it's absolutely true. The Republican Majority in Pierre has a massive corruption problem with no intention of changing course.


When the voters demanded an end to corruption what did the Republican Majority do? They repealed our law. 

Claiming unconstitutionality Republican legislators decided to hold their bribes closer to the chest than their oaths of office.  

Wasting our tax dollars they took it upon themselves to file a lawsuit to overturn our vote before ultimately repealing it entirely.

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