Medicare For All

As a moral prerogative I will work to ensure the people of the 25th District have unrestricted access to health care.

As it stands we live in a country that enables insurance companies to profiteer off the working people of our state.

Our current system is an unaffordable and cruel approach to caring for our neighbors and friends. 

If we are able to push this agenda nationally I will work to push it state wide.


If elected I would work to ensure that the people of South Dakota get three things: 


1.) An End to all co-pays, outrageous deductibles, and premiums


2.) An End to all forms of Medical Bankruptcies

3.) And an End to being "In Network"; we will expand coverage so you can see whatever doctor you want

Health care is a basic human right, and I will fight to ensure every man, woman, and child is covered in South Dakota.

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