Agricultural Aid Package for SD Farmers

Protecting South Dakota's family farms takes more than simple promotion of our Ag. economy. District 25 needs a real fighter who knows not only how to successfully grow a crop but also what farmers are going through every day.

Jared was born and raised on the land that has fed our country for generations. He respects the land and the people who dedicate their lives to feeding the world. 

If elected Jared would work to help preserve South Dakota's family farms by: 

1.) Eliminate or reduce the Fuel Excise Tax on E85 blends

2.) Introduce legislation removing sales tax from E85 vehicles New AND Used 

3.) Property Tax Relief for land owners who farm

4.) Introduce legislation to exempt farmers from fuel excise tax on all fuel purchases:

       - Gasoline

       - Diesel 

       - Propane  

5.) Introduce legislation to allow farmers to utilize (tax exempt) dyed fuel in all vehicles.

6.) Provide property tax relief for new and existing Dairy Farm developments and             eliminate sales tax on all milk related products

7.) Introduce legislation to subsidize tiling projects and water way restoration

8.) Eliminate registration taxes on ALL farm vehicles

9.) Cap insurance premiums for all crops keeping crop insurance affordable

10.) Introduce legislation to use FSA data to generate our own State 

        Crop Production Reports and utilize them against the USDA.


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